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Presenting with Impact

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Delivering Powerful and Professional Presentations with Confidence

The ability to present an idea or proposal in a clear, simple and effective manner is an essential skill in the world of business today. In many cases, proven presentation skills are viewed as an essential element of the job function, as the growth of a company depends on its people's success in promoting its product or service and communicating its values, reliability and commitment to its customers.

This practical 2-day programme has been designed to enable even those with the worst case of stage fright when addressing a group to:

  • Structure the content of any presentation to ensure that it achieves the objectives set, while captivating the audience
  • Deliver the presentation with confidence, using simple techniques to turn jitters into professional energy.
  • Manage the audience and involve them in the presentation.

It will also enable you to:

  • Prepare a knockout presentation that clearly communicates your message, while captivating the attention of your audience.
  • Deliver any presentation with confidence, using simple techniques to leverage the adrenalin rush of stage fright to your advantage.
  • Use your body language, voice and gestures to command the respect of your audience and ensure that they take your message seriously.
  • Deal with questions and facilitate discussions in a manner that enhances the impact of your presentation.

Course Outline

Preparing a knock-out presentation Like so many other things in life, the success of any presentation begins with your preparation. It is essential that you know what you want to achieve with your presentation and how you can do this with the audience you are presenting to.

  • Setting clear objectives for your presentation
  • Understanding your audience and their views on the topic of your presentation
  • Identifying the true benefits and presenting them so that your audience feels compelled to buy in to your ideas
  • Structuring the information to ensure that your presentation flows logically
  • Knowing when and which stories or anecdotes will liven up your presentation without distracting audience attention from important information
  • Creating intriguing openings and thought-provoking closing statements
  • Establishing links and smooth transitions between key points and new ideas to ensure that your audience is able to follow and understand your train of thought effortlessly

Delivering a well-rehearsed, yet natural presentation Every presentation and every audience is different, and even the most experienced presenters need to practise and refine the delivery of a presentation before addressing an audience. Reciting a memorised list of information, is a sure way of boring your audience, while fumbling with your notes and stuttering will definitely undermine the impact of your message. Thorough preparation of the actual delivery of your presentation will enable you to refine your style and capture your audience's attention from start to finish.

  • Harnessing the adrenaline rush to boost your performance before it turns into stage fright
  • Memorising chunks of information and jotting down brief bullet points to trigger each consecutive section of your presentation
  • Capturing the essence of your presentation in a few key points and ensuring your audience is well-aware of this by reviewing these points just before finishing your presentation
  • Understanding simple and subtle body language to ensure that you use these to enhance your presentation
  • Emphasising important points with effective gestures
  • Assuming a powerful posture to ensure that your audience respects you and takes your message seriously without feeling intimidated
  • Using your voice with confidence: speaking naturally and competently

Reading and managing your audience The success of a presentation is ultimately determined by the impact its message has on the audience. Therefore it is essential to ensure that your audience is actively involved in your presentation, following your train of thought and understanding each and every statement, as well as the overall idea you are representing.

  • Understanding the needs and motivations of your audience
  • Reading the audience's mood and learning to swing this to your benefit
  • Giving the audience what they want as a means to getting what you want
  • Dealing with hecklers in a subtle, yet effective manner · Ensuring that your audience is really listening and thinking about your message
  • Using eye contact to manage your interaction with your audience · Fielding questions and facilitating discussions that add value to your presentation
  • Learning to use technology in a manner that enhances your message, without becoming the focus of your presentation

Who should attend?

This course will be extremely valuable to all those who wish to improve upon their presentation skills, regardless of whether they are required to present ideas to small, medium or large groups or individuals.

  • Company management
  • Sales managers and representatives
  • Marketing managers and assistants
  • Product managers
  • Consultants
  • Company trainers


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